Bangkok, Thai’s exotica.

golden temple at Grand Palace Bangkok

golden temple
at Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok Thailand, the capital city in Thailand, also the center of it’s cultural habits, religion, and beliefs. This city is also being the main attraction why tourist would go to Thailand. With the religious places,  shopping paradises for the tourist, exotics foods, variable kind of hotels, and the nightlifes of Thailand, makes Bangkok as the leading city of tourism in Bangkok, and evenfurther in Southeast Asia. The only place where you can enjoy a memorable dinner cruise adrift the Chao Phraya River. Bask in the city’s warm, affluent glow at a skyscraping rooftop bar. Experience all the things – tuk-tuk ride, ladyboy show, Muay Thai (kickboxing) match, and also the Thai massage the service that everyone always talking about.

Having some shopping experiences in Bangkok offers you  a alot of different shopping experiences. From tha highclass shopping mall, flea market, night market and even the floating market.Thats makes the Bangkok Thailand Shopping is a day-and-night activity that runs parallel with the best in the West, while also giving a taste of the exotics culture of the East. Have you try to eat thailand seafood? have you eat it floatingly on the boat? then you should come to Amphawa Floating market. In here you could get some appetizing array of huge prawns, shellfish and squid. From noon until late in the evening, the smell is simply irresistible and customers flock to each side of the river all day long.

Bangkok also is the paradise for the Backpakers travelers. This is one of the center of the backpackers in universe. The place where you can get  fun, tacky and useful things to spend your money offs.  A must for the beach is a gripping read, and fortunately several of the city’s best second hand-book shops are here. Modern essentials aren’t neglected either: internet cafes, chemists, convenience stores, banks and monetary exchanges abound. All of them makes a wrap for the Bangkok Thailand Tour.


Terracotta Armys, the Protector from China

Terracotta armys with his horses

Terracotta armys with his horses

Terracotta Army (china),  are the one of the biggest archeological sites in the World. The story behind the making of these artificial Terracotta Armys are lying behind the Ideological Emperor Qin Shi Huang. This Emperor are dubbed as the most Fearsome tyrant, Military genius,  Obsessive Dominance, and Mistical Beliefers in the ancient Chinese.  This army are founded in the complex of Qin Shi Huang cemetery. Protecting it as a guard for the emperor it self. Located at the Xian, Shaanxi Province in China, this complex are dicovered in 1974. The underground burial complex of the First Emperor is a revelation for the ages. This exhibition includes ten figures—a representative sample of the actual army, which is estimated to include more than 7,000 life-sized figures and over 10,000 weapons! No wonder it’s now become the new world Seven Wonder.

The discovery of these tombs complex are begin in 1974. This army are unwillingly being discoverd by some local farmer who want to drill a well. But surprisingly they found and large underground complex. Burried in the deep makes the terracotta army china location become more mysterious. The most outstanding part about this tombs are the massive size and the outstanding artworks that burried inside. The man-like soldier that almost sized as the human it-self with the complete choice of weapons and also the horses terracotta. The statues itself are made from a thick 3-inch terracotta clay. Just imagine, how hard the artisans make one soldier? and there’s more than 7.000 soldier to be made!

There are still many secret behind this tombs. The complex itself has 3 different main room, and the army statues only represent 1% from the total of tombs complex. The archeologist says that there are a large pyramid lay behind this undergroun from the center of the complex. Legends says that the pyramid and the area below are the builded as the town for the resting place for it;s Emperor Qin Shi Huang, The town is filled with Palace, streams and pearl. At least that the legends says about the beauty of terracotta army history.


Ocean Park Hongkong, World Class Marine-Theme Park

gate of Ocean Park Hongkong

gate of Ocean Park Hongkong

Ocean Park Hongkong, is one of the famous theme park in hongkong besides it Disneyland. This park offers you a different experiences you will get. With the concept of combining the shows, thrilling rides and animal exhibits, this provides you with the entertaining education along with the conservation for animals. The park is located on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, covering more than 870,000 square metres. Divided into the two main Zones, The Waterfront and The Summit. The two areas are connected by the Cable Car and Ocean Express funicular train. With those large covering area, this theme park having a variety kind of attraction places likes, Old Hongkong, Polar Adventure, Rain Forest, Thrill Mountain, Aqua City and places to see manu of Asian Animals.

In the first Zones (The Waterfront)  you will see in this park are the artificial lakes, this place hold the musical shows every night. If you want to go to the other area (The Summit) you can take the cable car or the Ocen Express train, this train are modificated so you’ll feel likes you’re on the inside submarine vehicles. The price for the Ocean Park Hongkong ticket price are $250/piece include all the pass for all the rides and arena. The Main attraction are the Giant Panda Habitat. you can find the cutest giant creature here. Watching them plays with each other or  munching some bamboos. Goldfish treasure, the kingdom of many kind of goldfish are being   shown here, makes you feel the gentleness of this fish. Or the thrilling rides on the summit zones likes The Dragon, The Abyss Turbo Drop and the Flash that will pumps your adrenaline.

Getting in to the Park area are easy. There are a special Bus Route to the Ocean Park. From the Admiralty Bus Terminal you can take the bus with code 629. By riding this, you will taken directly to the bus station in front of the Ocean Park. This bus also can be taken from the Central Ferry Pier, but it has a limited hours of departing. That’s makes a trip to the location are easiest by riding ocean park hongkong mtr.

Disneyland Hongkong, existence of our childhood Dreams

Disneyland Hongkong, are one of the famous landmark in Hongkong, being the favourite tourist destination for family with under-ages child, this park offers you with many experience to travel around the world of imagination in this Disneyland. Your family will see a lot of Disney cartoon figures, from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Ciderella, Buzz Lightyear and many of other figures scattered around the park to amuse the visitors. Also with a good variety of theme attractions likes, Mistic Points, Grizzly Gulch, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tommorowland and Adventureland that will make your children have an enjoyable and memorable trip in their vacation.


Toystory Land view in Disneyland Hongkong

Toystory Land view in Disneyland Hongkong

The other main attractions here are the live parades from the disney cartoon characters, this parade usually held at the Main Street U.S.A location. Exploring this park would be also an enjoyable trip, with the Disneyland Hongkong Map, that scattered around the park to make the visitors have an easy tour. From the first gate of this park, you’ll be directed to the Main Street, after this area then you can choose to the place where you wanted to see the most. If your children are a fans of cinderella, aladin and winnie the pooh, youre highly recomended to pay a visit here in the first place. Wanted to see Buzz lightyear and Sherrif Woody? take a tour in the Toystoryland instead.

Here are some suggestion for the accomodation. Disneyland Hong Kong has two hotels, both of them are highly recomended for you, if the main reason for you to go to Hongkong is for visiting this Theme Park. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Rhe park’s flagship hotel, are the best choice for you. Both the hotels are having the offers of  Hong Kong Disneyland packages – some of which also include flights. Make it easier for you to prepare anything you wanted. So don’t miss the opportunity to book a place in one of the two disneyland hongkong hotel.

Tioman Island, green dragon from Malaysia


Labas diving spot in  Tioman Island

Labas diving spot in Tioman Island

Tioman Island regarded as the best diving sites in Malaysia, evenfurther in Southeast Asia. The natural environment of this island makes the sighseeing of this island are memorable one. The Green tropical jungle in this island covers about 12,000 hectares areas. Making it as the home for the valuable mammals and birds species that living their wildlifes here. The waters around the island are filled with corals of all shapes and colours and home to a vast diversity of sea creatures, including two species of marine turtle. There are a few excellent beaches on Tioman, and these curves of golden sand are usually tucked away at the edges of villages or fronting one of the many resorts.

This Island offers a lot of  choice of diving spot. With more than 25 dive sites, the visitors could make a memorable diving trip from one spot to another spot that located nearly each others. Tioman Island dive sites are vary, from the natural reef spot to the wrecked ship diving spot where you can find only here. Scuba diving activity are popular here, for a begginers spot who recently learn to dive and to the advance divers who would experience the more chalenging dive sites here. Another things that attracts visitors to dive here are the night diving activity, which makes you able to see some nocturnal sea creature and the underwater macro photography, for you who desired to taste the underwater photography experience.

The coastal and sea area in Tioman Island are the habitat for the many of turtles, stingray, reef sharks and a variety of big school fishes, and if youre have some luck, you also can spot the biggest fish in the world, the Whale Shark. There are also have a variety of hard and soft beautiful coral. Most of them are still in a good shape and the reef is shallow and accesible even for a beginers. With also a stunning topography dives spot, where you can swim through the middle of granite boulders and small caves and canyon likes. So what are you waiting for? go and book the place in Tioman Island Dives Center.


Mumbai the Bollywood City

Mumbai,or so known as Bombay, is the largest city in India. With the total pupulation of 21 million people, this city become the most densest city in the world. Mumbai is undoubtedly the commercial capital of India and is one of the predominant port cities in the country. Mumbai’s nature as the most eclectic and cosmopolitan Indian city is symbolized in the presence of it’s Bollywood within the city, the centre of the globally-influential Hindi film and TV industries. Eventhough doesn’t have a lot of historical places, the variety of uniqeu and enjoyable culture makes Mumbai  become a formidable tourist attraction in india.

View of Gate of India from the boat

View of Gate of India from the boat

The Very Famous Landmark of Mumbai are located in the waterfront in Colaba, South of Mumbai. The Gateway of India are recognized as the Mumbai most famous landmark for the tourist and visitor.This popular mumbai tourist sites  are builded for commemorating the King George V and Queen Mary who visit India in the past. this Gateway are designed like this so that the visitors who come from the sea could directly see this building as their welcomes to Mumbai.  These days the atmosphere around the monument resembles a circus at times, with numerous vendors peddling everything from balloons to Indian tea.

The other Mumbai attraction are the Bollywood. This just like the Hollywood of India.  Over 100 films are produced each year there. It’s possible to take a Bollywood tour to the heart of the action in Film City. Built by the government to help the Bollywood Industry, this area cover about 350 acres and having almost 20 indoor studios as well as outdoor scene for their filming activity. Located at the Western side in the suburb of Goragaon, it’s easily accesed from the western expressway. For the Shopping things, Mumbai got the Colaba Causeway market. Become a famous market for tourists, the infamous Indian saying of “sab kuch milega” which means you’ll get everything, certainly applies at this market. Or you if you’re educational fans, you should try to see the Oldes university in india, the Mumbai University.

Lhasa, Holy City of Tibet

The view of Potala Palace

The view of Potala Palace

Lhasa City, are the capital city of Tibet. Being placed about 3.500 m above sea level, this city become the center of cultural, political and religious place in Tibet. The favourite landmark in this city are Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. Lhasa is somewhat different from from other city in Tibet, being hard to reach because of it’s location, the terrain also makes it harder to go. Eventhough, Lhasa city has it’s own magical atmosphere. The extreme different of temperatures here sometimes shock the visitors, being rather hot in the day and become very cold in the night. So makes sure you got some thick jacket or sweater to wamed up your body in the night.

As the Center of Buddhism, Lhasa city got the historical temple to visit. One of them are The Jokhang Temple. Being the spiritual center of Tibet, this temple are decorated by many exotic relics and invalueable sculpture. The temple also called with the Tsulag Khang or ‘House of Wisdom’. Have you heard about Potala Palace in Lhasa city? this building is located on the Red Hill Of Lhasa. Making it  the Highest things you can see in Lhasa. This building are the center of politic and government here. Inside this Palace you can also find the school of buddhist logic, gardens, courtyards and even a jail! And for more than 300 years, this palace has become the place for treasured culture relics like stupas, statues, rare sutras and buddhism murals.

Others activity that you can do in here are shopping in the famous Barkhor street. You can get anything you wanted just by walking on this one street. This streets have many antique shops, accecories shop and tourist shop. The unique things that you could find are mostly silver ornaments, Thangka paintings, yak wool and different kinds of local-made handicrafts. Make your trip more enjoyable on this lhasa city tour.